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The Adams Press BookBlog is a great resource for interesting news about books, self-publishing, traditional publishing, printing, language, and much more. Check back often, as we'll be adding new tidbits frequently.

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For more than half a century Adams Press has helped authors self-publish their books. Founded in 1942, Adams Press produces professionally printed books at a reasonable cost for authors, poets, educators, professionals, clergy, and others who choose to publish their own work. We work with associations, corporations, and religious and educational institutions as well as individuals.

When you select Adams Press, you control every aspect of your book's creation. That allows you to keep your investment in your book to a minimum. Our price lists cover basic production costs as well as custom features that you can add to enhance the quality and attractiveness of your work.

There are never any surprises or hidden charges from Adams Press. You compute the total cost of turning your manuscript into a book, so you know immediately how much each copy costs.

A word about vanity and subsidy publishing...

Adams Press is not a vanity press. Vanity, or subsidy, publishers make extravagant claims to authors, saying they will market and distribute their books to wholesale and retail outlets. Often they state that they will provide widespread advertising and sales assistance. Some even promise they will print far more books than they actually do.

The truth is that they put little effort into the books they publish after they are printed. Authors are advised to read contracts from vanity presses very carefully and to check with an attorney, the Better Business Bureau, and regulatory agencies before signing any agreement with these firms.

Our reputation speaks for itself

Adams Press helps authors self-publish their books economically and professionally. We do not retain the copyright for any authors' books nor do we make any representations other than our commitment to produce and deliver books in the quantity and to the standards that our customers specify. The fact that many of our authors are repeat customers who return to Adams Press for reprints or the publication of new titles is testimony to our professionalism and determination to provide customer satisfaction.

Adams Press is a proud member of the following organizations:

Independent Writers of Chicago Independent Book Publishers Association Association of Publishers for Special Sales Midwest Writers Association Midwest Publishing Association

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